Our consultants are individually capable to produce results from decades of their own experience, anticipating and analyzing options, opinions and attitudes that influence issues affecting our clients. Our permanent support and communication skills are an essential tool for shaping our clients strategic planning and their relations with the world around them.


This is an important area of our operations, namely in what governments and private sector relations are concerned, and our multiple and well placed contacts in different parts of the World may provide permanent positive results to our clients:

- Business consultancy in general, with actions such as political advising, risk analysis, advisory on mergers and acquisitions, high qualified Lobbying, specific market reports, research and detection of business opportunities accordingly with client's needs;

- Consultancy and advisory for the internationalization of companies in Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Far East;

- Business evaluations, project consultancy and market analysis both locally and for a particular region;

- Consultancy for Nonprofit organizations: legal issues, management, fund raising, research for opportunities, lobbying, as well as project development.